I am still struggling for the cause of movement; A story told through movement never comes to an end. Movement has a secret which keeps you in its grip. Everything has its starting point in the birth of movement, from the moment you find a movement that feels meaningful. It's self-explanatory. The starting point of movement is in idea or internal feeling.



Suomi 100 Kekoni 10

Petri Kekoni Company is celebrating its 10 year anniversary in Suvilahti. The year 2017 is also choreographer Petri Kekoni's 20th anniversary as an artist. In his work Kekoni avoids following the "hot trends" of contemporary dance. Original, both rich in form and primitive movement language combined with strong visual presence have established him as an significant choreographer in Finland.

The festival will present revered works Theses of Deed (2011) and Vierasperäisiä Muunnelmia (2009). 

The festival is organized in collaboration with Mad house and Cirko.

Petri Kekoni Company

Petri Kekoni Company's repertoire consists of contemporary dance productions of choreographer Petri Kekoni from 1998 onwards. The company was established 2007, when an organisation called Liikkeen puolesta (For the sake of the movement) was founded to support the dance group. The company members are dancers, composers and lighting designers from Petri Kekoni’s earlier productions. It's basic working concept is a flexible collective where the team required for each production is chosen from about twenty artists. 
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