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Petri Kekoni Company is touring in Tanssivirtaa Tampereella festival 21.5. and in Full Moon Dance festival 27.7. in Pyhäjärvi In the triple bill evening “Through three stopping places” we´ll see solo parts of the works Miniatures – Humans in small scale (2013), Theses of the deed (2011) and Non-Linear – Dance mass (2014). This collection offers a cross section of the Company`s last year´s pieces. The strong female dancers have been working with Kekoni for a long time. Consequently, through their physical performance we can see the results of this long term cooperation.
Esete Sutinen will present the famous sandbox-solo from the piece “Miniatures”. The solo draws an abstract picture of life cycles from birth to death. The movement material and the choice of the dancers for this piece were genetically based, which was one of the reasons, why Esete was chosen for this “petite and dark” part. “Theses of the deed” is based on the relation between movement and deed. That means a meaningful movement must leave a mark. Maija Kiviluoto will leave a mark in the consciousness of the spectator by means of her presence. “Non-Linear – Dancemass” was a production with 12 dancers for a big factory hall. Tanja Illukka presents her solo part of the piece called “Solo of the blue plate”. Through her exact and far reaching body we can experience what chanting converted by movement could mean. Choreography and consept: Petri Kekoni Dance: Tanja Illukka, Maija Kiviluoto, Esete Sutinen Music: Antti Nykyri (Non-Linear and Teon Teesejä), Iiro Ollila (Miniatures) Lighting design: Matti Jykylä (Non-Linear and Teon Teesejä), Ilkka Paloniemi (Miniatures) Costume design: Monika Hartl Production: Petri Kekoni Company, Zodiak – Uuden tanssin keskus (Miniatures)