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Kekoni Company: Spring Season 2016

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The Stop – Dark Matter of Art - world premiere in May &
Via Three Stop in Kokkola Winter Dance festival

The latest work of Finnish choreographer Petri Kekoni,The Stop – Dark Matter of Art enlightens the dark side of being an artist. The world premiere will take place in Media Center Lume in Helsinki on 13th of May 2015.

What happens when nothing moves, when the mind of an artist is in standstill? The piece sheds light upon this state, the “dark matter of art”. Cooperation between the choreographer and five dancers manifests Kekoni’s abstract but rich in form movement language. The music, world premiere for Jovanka Trbojevic’s composition, will be performed by Avanti! wind quintet.

Kekoni Company visits Kokkola Winter Dance festival with a triple bill Via Three Stops on 18th of March. Program presents three solos from the works Non-Linear – Dance mass (2014), Theses of the deed (2011) ja Miniatures – Humans in small scale (2013). The collection offers an insightful cross section of Petri Kekoni Company`s latest works.

Kekoni Company has a new production manager Maria Junno who has previously been working within the field of contemporary theatre and visual arts.