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The Stop – Dark Matter of Art – Premiere on 13th of May

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Petri Kekoni Company and AVANTI! present

The Stop – Dark Matter of Art the latest work of Finnish choreographer Petri Kekoni enlightens the dark side of being an artist. The world premiere will take place in Media Center Lume in Helsinki on 13th of May 2015. World premiere for Jovanka Trbojevic’s composition will be performed by Avanti! wind quintet.

Cooperation between the choreographer and five dancers Meeri Altmets , Tanja Illukka, Saku Koistinen, Pekka Louhio, and Eero Vesterinen, manifests Kekoni’s abstract but rich in form movement language.

Premier: 13rd of May 2016 in Helsinki
Shows: 14th, 17th, 19th, 20th and 21st of May 2016
Showtime:at 7 PM
Venue: Studio stage, Media Center Lume, Helsinki 15/25 €

“What happens when nothing moves, when the mind of the artist is in standstill? Stagnatic state cannot be shown outside – artist has to always be energetic and creative character. The pause makes movement visible for it allows us to process the information which we just received earlier. Yet a stop is too seldom granted the value it deserves. The art calls for standstill, just as dynamic movement needs a pause from time to time.”

“When does a movement stop and another begin? We try to capture the interval between these events. Scientists claim that the space is kept intact by a so called dark matter, composition of which we do not know. Could it be that the physical and emotional pauses are the dark matter that keep art together? Is it possible to bring the unseen into the limelight?"– Petri Kekoni