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Kekoni Company in ICE HOT CHP in December – Towards 2017 the year of celebration

Petri Kekoni Company is taking part in ICE HOT Nordic Dance Platform in Copenhagen in December. Kekoni Company will present contemporary dance piece Non Linear as part of MORE MORE MORE offstage program.

ICE HOT CPH, 30th NOV – 4th DEC 2016

ICE HOT is a biennial platform that presents high quality and diverse Nordic dance performances and artistic offstage presentations mainly for international dance professionals.

Suomi 100 Kekoni 10

Petri Kekoni Company festival in spring 2017

Petri Kekoni Company is celebrating its 10 year anniversary in Suvilahti. The year 2017 is also choreographer Petri Kekoni's 20th anniversary as an artist. The festival will present revered works Theses of the Deed (2011) and Variations of Foreign Origin (2009). In his work Kekoni avoids following the "hot trends" of contemporary dance. Original, both rich in form and primitive movement language combined with strong visual presence have established him as an significant choreographer in Finland. 

Festival is done in collaboration with Mad House Helsinki and Cirko.


Theses of the Deed / Teon teesejä

Cirko, Suvilahti, Helsinki

Premiere 1.4 at 19pm
Shows:  4.4, 5.4, 74. & 8.4. at 7pm & 9.4. at 3pm

Duration: 60 min

Open workshop 8.4. at 12 to 5pm
Presentors: choreographer Petri Kekoni and sound designer Antti Nykyri

Workshop enrolment:

Choreographer: Petri Kekoni
Sound design: Antti Nykyri
Light design: Matti Jykylä
Dancers: Tuomas Mikkola, Maija Kiviluoto, Riina Huhtanen, Tanja Illukka

Variations of Foreign origin / Vierasperäisiä muunnelmia

In Tiivistämö, Suvilahti, Helsinki

Premiere: 19.4. at 7pm
Shows:  20.4, 21.4., & 22.4. at 7 pm & 23.4. at 3pm

Duration: 50 min
Tickets: released later

Open workshop 22.4. at 12 to 5pm
Presentors: choreographer Petri Kekoni and composer Jovanka Trbojevic

Workshop enrolment:

Choreographer: Petri Kekoni
Music: Jovanka Trbojevic
Light design: Matti Jykylä
Dancers: Jonna Eiskonen, Saku Koistinen, Eero Vesterinen, Terhi Vaimala, Sofia Ylinen, Esete Sutinen.