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Petri Kekoni Company 10 years – festival from 1st till 23rd of April 2017

Suomi 100 Kekoni 10

Petri Kekoni Company is celebrating its 10 year anniversary in Suvilahti. The year 2017 is also choreographer Petri Kekoni's 20th anniversary as an artist. In his work Kekoni avoids following the "hot trends" of contemporary dance. Original, both rich in form and primitive movement language combined with strong visual presence have established him as an significant choreographer in Finland.

The festival will present revered works Theses of Deed (2011) and Vierasperäisiä Muunnelmia (2009). 

The festival is organized in collaboration with Mad house and Cirko.
Theses of Deed explores how a movement grows into a deed. For the choreographer Kekoni the search means a return to the concrete sources of the movement: the body and its proportions, weight, push and pull, and letting go. Searching for the meaning of a movement led into collection of theses certain kind of Kekoni Method.

Premiere on 1.4. at 7 pm, Cirko Maneesi
4.4. at 7 pm
5.4. at 7 pm
7.4. at 7 pm
8.4. at 7 pm
9.4. at 3 pm
Open workshop 8.4. @ 12-5pm
with choreographer Petri Kekoni and sound designer Antti Nykyri
In Cirko Maneesi


Variations of Foreign Origin investigates foreignness and familiarity. Most of the human-made borders are artificial. Some divisions are crucial in order to comprehend issues and phenomenons. People often feel a need to be counted in a certain group. Variations of Foreign Origin creates groups which engage in a dialogue on the stage via movement.

The motifs have a basis in collectivity. It is important that the dancers seemingly represent different human types. It brings us closer to the current world where things and people get mixed in accelerating pace. Variations of Foreign Origin has a societal framework in which conflicts and violence assimilate with fragile and poetical.

Premiere on 19.4. @ 7pm, Tiivistämö
20.4. @ 7pm
21.4. @ 7pm
22.4. @ 7pm 
23.4. @ 3pm

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Open workshop 22.4. @ 12–5pm
with choreographer Petri Kekoni and composer Jovanka Trbojevic
In Tiivistämö