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KEKONI METODI workshops on Saturdays 8th and 22nd of April in Suvilahti Helsinki

Kekoni Company offers a chance to get to know choreographer Petri Kekoni's work in a deeper level. During the performance period of Theses of Deed and Variations of Foreign Origin we organize open and free workshops for both dance professionals and wider public. We welcome all of those who share a passion towards a movement and motion. Previous dance experience is not mandatory. The workshops are carried out on stage – we also offer a spatial experience about the dance works. 

KEKONI METODI worksops are part of Petri kekoni Company 10 year anniversary festival in Suvilahti Helsinki on 1st till 23rd of April 2017

8.4. Theses of Deed, Cirko Maneesi 
at 12–5 pm
with choreographer Petri Kekoni and sound designer Antti Nykyri

22.4. Vierasperäisiä muunnelmia, Tiivistämö
at 12–5 pm
with choreographer Petri Kekoni and composer Jovanka Trbojevic

For more information and pre-enrolments 

producer Maria Junno | +358 45 6647113 

Facebook:  Theses of Deed & Variations of Foreign Origin 



Choreographer Petri Kekoni presents the dance piece

Participants get to dance the work with Petri Kekoni's guidance 

Kekoni states that the movement is music and music is movement. How does the song created by the movement reflect and interact with the sound design of the dance piece? We discuss the relationship between the music and dance together with the audience and the composer.

There is a chance to see the performance together after the workshop 
8.4. at 7pm Theses od Deed, Cirko Maneesi
22.4. at 7pm Variations of Foreign Origin, Tiivistämö