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Petri Kekoni’s solo Erratic Block premieres in October 2018

The solo work Erratic Block (Möhkäle) by choreographer Petri Kekoni addresses the smallness of a human being in front of nature. 

Petri Kekoni's solo performance is created together with dress designer, Doctor of Arts, Joanna Weckman and sound and light artist Mikko Hynninen.

Choreographer Kekoni returns to solo work after working with group pieces for over 10 years. His last solo work was Kävelen hitaasti tuulessa from the year 2004.
I hope to bring on stage the reduced and unfiltered movement that I have been developing over the last 20 years. When contemplating the Erratic Block (Möhkäle) I asked myself, which movement material can I still accept. I wish to clarify the inner motifs of my movement language and the best way to achieve this is through a solo work of my own.
– choreographer Kekoni
Premiere 5th October 2018 at Cirko Maneesi stage in Suvilahti, Helsinki.
Performances: 5.10.; 6.10.; 9.10.; 10.10.; 12.10; 13.10.2018

Choreography, concept & dance:
Petri Kekoni

Sound and light design:
Mikko Hynninen

Costume design:
Joanna Weckman