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ALMA! – a kinetic opera on premiere 4.4.2020

ALMA! a kinetic opera is a contemporary opera production by composer Minna Leinonen, Choreographer-director Petri Kekoni and writer Hanna Weselius. It is a collaboration between Petri Kekoni Company, Dance theatre MD and CHANGEnsemble. In choreographer Petri Kekoni’s hands this work is searching new form of bringing movement to performative concept to the genre of opera. ALMA! is a production for 5 dancers, 2 singers and 4 musicians.

alma ooppera

Both intelligent and bold, Alma! is a layered tale of power games and the life of composer Alma Mahler. While depicting the complexity and completeness of a human being, this chamber opera tears down and deflates the façade of hierarchies – exposing the universal need for connection.

”You should be writing music yourself, goddammit, instead of organizing Gustav’s scherzos and allegros!”

Performances: 4.4. at 19 hrs, 5.4. at 17 hrs, 8.4. at 19 hrs.

Venue: Dancetheatre MD stage, Hämeenkatu 25, Tampere. The performance is part of Tampere Biennale program. Information and tickets: